Georgia Detention Watch is a coalition of organizations and individuals that advocates alongside immigrants to end the inhumane and unjust detention and law enforcement policies and practices directed against immigrant communities in our state.

12289697_1121319817880535_516165286703378807_nOur Objectives
WE ARE dedicated to stopping the proliferation of 287(g) Agreements between localities and federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials as well as other attempts at local enforcement of immigration laws in Georgia. We deem such programs to be both unjust and unwise public policy. We believe that these programs lead to discrimination and less safe communities for all of us;
WE ARE intent upon organizing to improve the conditions and expose the injustices of Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention centers as well as other immigrant detention facilities in Georgia. Our ultimate goal is the closure of all such facilities in our state;
WE WILL deploy every skill and tool we possess to accomplish our mission.

Our Values
WE SEEK to make our activities as accessible as possible to both immigrant and non-immigrant communities in our state. This goal will inform every aspect of our work, including the languages we use and the strategies and tactics we employ;
WE BELIEVE in the democratic principles of fair and transparent decision making, both within our organization and in the systems we are seeking to change;
WE BELIEVE that every human being has dignity and is entitled to fundamental rights by virtue of their humanity. We believe that immigration status is irrelevant to a person’s worth as a human being.